Trying A New Style For The Day


Ever wanted to venture out into a style that was unique or just out of your comfort zone?Maybe when you were scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram you got totally inspired by a different & edgy, fabricated outfit. But instead of considering it, you immediately thought to yourself ” That’s so cute! But I could never pull that off,”

Is that you? Because that person was me too!

Lately, I’ve been trying out new styles that put me out of my comfort zone, & I totally want to promote that. I CHALLENGE YOU, to try it out for 1 Day. It’s better off for you to think “1 day” than “someday,” Am I right?

I had the most perfect opportunity to try something new and something really different for 1 day…

I was going out of town for my little sisters birthday because no one knew me and I didn’t know anyone else & tried somethings that totally went against the girly side in me. It was a thought that popped up in my mind. An answer to my question, which of course is what almost every teenage girl asks the night before an event or a trip away. “What should I wear?” A puff of inspiration that appeared right before I went to bed.

I thought of a bodysuit in my sister’s room – (If you have a sister, you know the drill) – and put simple but edgy pieces such as ripped jeans, white converse, and a choker together, which exuded the look I was going for & viola! I felt as if my outfit stood out & it made me feel more confident about trying different styles. It made me realize and continues to make me realize that I have a deep respect and love for all unique and different styles!

I hope you find that inner love as you test the waters in your authentic style(s). Let your closet inspire you once again!


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