Wind Down Weekend – Vanity Planet “Spin For Perfect Skin” Legit First Impression

Heck yeah, it’s Saturday people! You know what that means, Old photos of yourself and getting paid! The end of school work and everything else, life may throw at us. As we get closer to the weekend, it’s time for us to wind down and get relaxing. Maybe its just me but it relaxes me to clean out my room, closet, wardrobe and even my face. Yeah, I said face.

So recently I’ve been seeing a crap ton of reviews of Vanity Planet’s Spin For Perfect Skin cleanser machine reviews & ads.  I just want to say that I think a crap ton is a complete UNDER statement because it’s been getting a ridiculous amount of hype! Especially from some of my favorite YouTubers such as IAMKARENO to Kalel and even to TooTurntTina! All have claimed that the product worked wonders. They all have beautiful skin and are fans of quality products! So it got me wondering about the product. So I bought it myself…& I’ll give you my first impression, how ’bout dat?

And no this is not a sponsorship ad and I don’t get paid for this, I am not affiliated with Vanity Planet what so ever. I just want to know what the hype is all about and I want to give you the straight up TRUTH!

I’ll review the packaging, quality of product, convenience, & aesthetic on a scale from 1-10.

Packaging – 9

Reasons: Packaging is really fresh looking and inviting to the customer (shown in the photo above). Now this product claims to have a 100 dollar value on their website, the packaging does NOT seem to have that same value but does seem to hold the same value for what I got it for which was $30 or so dollars, it is very beautiful in design. I love how it came with very informative spreadsheets and a discount code inside on my next purchase.


Cleanser Brush Head

Quality Of Product – 7.5

Reasons: The product seems to hold a $30-40 dollar value, the bristles I received on my brush head were kind of falling out when I stroked them but it was very minor, although I would not pay 100 dollars for this machine. I’m glad I got it for the price that I did, you can find a 70% percent off code on almost any youtube video if you’re interested, just type in Vanity Plant Spin…and you’ll find something. They should have the discount code in their description bar.

Exfoliating Brush Head

Convenience – 8

Reasons: I really love how they give you 4 different brush heads with the machine! It’s so easy to switch them out! I have very dry skin so exfoliating for me is essential! If you have dry skin and need to exfoliate I think you’ll really enjoy this product! The downside is that you need 4 AA batteries and if your a 19-year-old like me you’ll probably not have 4 AA batteries lying around. You might need to dig up some old remotes when you get the chance. I had to purchase some.

But While using the product I noticed the brush literally spins off some dry skin I had and left my skin feeling very flat of any inflammation & it was honsetly kind of fun. I will warn you to please remove any loose hair out of the way of your face when the spinner is on. It may catch your hair and get it tangled. Not a big deal though.

Body Brush Head

Aesthetic -10

Reasons – I love the aesthetics of this brush! It comes in 4 or 5 different colors. I got mine in the color of sandstone which is a greyish brown almost taupe and I appreciate that they added this color in. It’s very sophisticated looking and it’s one of my favorite colors!

Pumice Brush Head

Overall – 8

I say good product. Not a life changer but you will see results in your skin if you don’t exfoliate already. I recommend it over any other leading brush cleaner brand. Cleans the face well and gets the job done. The price is killer for a spin brush like this as long as you use a discount code. Not too shabby. Check out their site if interested (it’s super cute) :


All done for now. Updates may be made to this post as I continue to use the product. Until then…

Peace Out Girl Scout!


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