How I Beat The Heat In California

It’s summer here in California and If you’ve visited or lived in California then bro…You already know.

Recently temperatures have been stacking up to major heights! For the past couple of weeks, 112° has been on our radar. If you’re living somewhere hot or you want to stay hydrated, here are some types of ways that I use to stay hydrated and beat this heat!

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Any Coconut Water Would Do, I Think Vita Coco Tastes The Best


Not only do I stay hydrated by drinking water with least a natural PH of 7.4 (if you didn’t even know that it mattered, it absolutely does. But we can save that for another time 🙂 ) but I also stay hydrated with coconut water! And I’m so ADDICTED!

Coconut water is super rich in potassium.

Potassium occurs naturally as a mineral and is great for staying hydrated! Coconut water is full of this stuff! Coconut water is also rich in enzymes which will help boost your metabolism and give you the energy you need.

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I also love to eat fruit. Preferably berries. Honestly, they just keep me feeling cool and refreshed! They are also full of antioxidants which have properties that are able to protect the skin!

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I also seem to stay inside a lot more if I truly don’t need to be outside! Too much sun isn’t good for the skin and I highly recommend using SPF of at least 15, even 30, if you’re planning to go out in the sun!

I wanted to keep this post short and give you just a few things I like to do to stay cool! Stay cool friends! Connect with me in the sidebar and/or comment down below 🙂


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