Diaries Of Moving To NorCal: Day #1 My First Impression (Experience)

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I Bought This Really Really Cute Sweater In Bethel’s Bookstore!
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“My Voice Transcends Every Generation” 
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Chris Quilala & Brian Johnson
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Jenn & Brian Johnson

Wow, so much emotion happening coming out of Redding, CA and it’s ONLY DAY 1!

As many of you know I moved out to Redding for 2 weeks to attend a Worship University hosted and located by Bethel church.

Last night I attended Bethel’s 6 o’clock service and I had the honor of listening to Jeremy Riddle speak. He spoke about freedom and liberty not only for the world, sin and struggles we deal with but mostly for our community of believers in Christ.


From that time on I have only seen a true spirit of liberty in that place. Freedom to worship freely in God’s presence. And this is what Bethel is. This is what WorshipU is. Having said that, our first worship session featured Jenn & Brian Johnson as well as Chris Quilala. AND CAN I SAY –

They are the most genuine, loving, raw and hilarious speakers I have encountered thus far. Their personalities were extremely developed and they just came from a place of such raw spirit. I use this word “Raw” to exemplify the trueness of who they are as people. Nothing fake, no facades, nothing but true vulnerability while speaking to almost 700 students. I had no idea that people like them, who show so much zeal and intense love for people and God, existed in the culture in which they produced it.

THE CULTURE IS A JESUS CULTURE. A culture of love and servanthood and royalty and FREEDOM spoke to me and all of the students there on a different level. I’m not as excited for my journey but theirs! And I say this because I can see that they are only growing and I cannot wait to see where they are headed. I hope to grow in such a massive way but not for myself. My hope is to grow for others and I can feel this culture stir up inside of me. Although I know I am planted to grow here and develop this Kingdom Culture within and without of me.

Quick Thoughts (Fangirling) On Jenn, Brian & Chris:

Jenn is the most lovely person I’ve had the pleasure of worshipping with. She emits God’s love so intensely in her music, I usually don’t start balling during worship but I did when she started singing. lol 😀

Brian is so masculine and loving and funny. He is such a great husband to Jenn and they compliment each other so well. Their marriage is inspirational.

Chris Quilala…Omg, where do I start. First of all, Chris is so anointed and not only in music but in speaking and he has such a gift on his life. I’m super stoked about what God is going to do in his life as he continues to grow and I truly admire his vulnerability to share about the of loss his son a few years back. I have a high respect for him. Truly an inspiration…I see an anointing of King David over his life and I am so overjoyed and blessed to be one of the first to experience his first ever message to the world as he steps into a new realm of public speaking.

If you want to watch videos of our first worship session and my day walking around Bethel Campus, connect with my on Facebook and Instagram in the sidebar! Follow my Journey #sistersstudywithbethel !




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