Trying A New Style For The Day


Ever wanted to venture out into a style that was unique or just out of your comfort zone?Maybe when you were scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram you got totally inspired by a different & edgy, fabricated outfit. But instead of considering it, you immediately thought to yourself ” That’s so cute! But I could never pull that off,” Continue reading “Trying A New Style For The Day”

The Process Of My Blog

I have to say, having my own blog and designing something in the works is so amazing and fun! Today was extremely productive. I literally spent all day developing and fabricating this page to exude “Crystal” as much as possible. I hope all my viewers are able to enjoy this blog as much as I enjoyed creating it. I had to find a good balance of what looks professional and what didn’t. Feedback HELPS! I really appreciate the people who have helped me along the way and I absolutely needed to document it! Shout out to my amazing mother and friend. I truly mean it when I say, I appreciate OLIVE ‘EM!