Regreting sucky high school mistakes – “I didn’t know how much it was costing me.”

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Wind Down Weekend – Vanity Planet “Spin For Perfect Skin” Legit First Impression

Heck yeah, it’s Saturday people! You know what that means, Old photos of yourself and getting paid! The end of school work and everything else, life may throw at us. As we get closer to the weekend, it’s time for us to wind down and get relaxing. Maybe its just me but it relaxes me to clean out my room, closet, wardrobe and even my face. Yeah, I said face.

So recently I’ve been seeing a crap ton of reviews of Vanity Planet’s Spin For Perfect Skin cleanser machine reviews & ads.  I just want to say that I think a crap ton is a complete UNDER statement because it’s been getting a ridiculous amount of hype! Especially from some of my favorite YouTubers such as IAMKARENO to Kalel and even to TooTurntTina! All have claimed that the product worked wonders. They all have beautiful skin and are fans of quality products! So it got me wondering about the product. So I bought it myself…& I’ll give you my first impression, how ’bout dat?

And no this is not a sponsorship ad and I don’t get paid for this, I am not affiliated with Vanity Planet what so ever. I just want to know what the hype is all about and I want to give you the straight up TRUTH!

I’ll review the packaging, quality of product, convenience, & aesthetic on a scale from 1-10.

Packaging – 9

Reasons: Packaging is really fresh looking and inviting to the customer (shown in the photo above). Now this product claims to have a 100 dollar value on their website, the packaging does NOT seem to have that same value but does seem to hold the same value for what I got it for which was $30 or so dollars, it is very beautiful in design. I love how it came with very informative spreadsheets and a discount code inside on my next purchase.


Cleanser Brush Head

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